Pressing shop

Sheet metal pressing from 15 tons to 150 tons at automatic presses

We offer treatment of metal material to intermediate products or to complete finished parts and products for all our producers and other customers in metal making field.

Capacity and equipment for our production are especially eccentric and trimming presses for forming works with a performance up to 22 - 100 tons, forming automatics TALA 25, BIHLER, UB 2, UB 4, furthermore table shears for shearing of material to the thickness of 6 mm. We mainly realise production of intermediate products for following welding or complete deburred welded stampings with required surface treatment or finished parts according to accessible technology, furthermore mainly co - operation.

We have universal manufacturing tools, in case of more complicated full fashioned ones we make them to order or we assure the production after agreement. We also use tools delivered from a customer.
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